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What We Are Known For

Over the past 11 years our sales have grown rapidly by solving customer water quality problems. BI Pure Water specializes in reviewing water quality test results and prescribing the most cost-effective solution. From our base in Surrey, British Columbia, we pilot, design, draw, manufacture, install, start-up and commission package water treatment plants. We then train the operators and will service the plants on a regular basis. We focus on small and medium-sized water treatment plants for the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government, Industrial Process, Private Water Systems, Resorts and First Nations needs.

Package Plants Why package water treatment plants are cost-effective:

  • They can be built in the factory where the trained staff are located.
  • Components and parts are readily available.
  • The water treatment plant can be leak and flow tested.
  • The PLC can be operated and debugged before shipping.


The result is:

  • More customer satisfaction due to one-stop shopping.
  • No passing the buck to subcontractors.
  • Faster installation and start-up on site.